See Me Be’s patent-pending design is made from durable ABS plastic with thermal double-sided adhesive. It has a scratch-resistant glass mirror on the OUTSIDE so you can always check out how great you look. The compact is engineered to fit on almost all cell phones and cell cases. The concealed, slide-out plastic compact tray (called a Recharge) contains a quality lip gloss. There are three options to purchase for your refills or “Recharges” for you compact:

- A nude, shiny color called See Me Naked

- A red tinted gloss called See Me Smolder

- A light pink gloss called See Me Glow

The cosmetic compact has not been reconceived in decades and its limitations in today’s world have thus not been addressed. The ubiquity and constant attachment to our cell phones has transformed the things we do on the go, e.g., using the phone as a timepiece. Yet, cosmetics companies are traditional regarding innovation in the sense of doing business differently and have not marketed a solution that marries the compact and our mobile behaviors.

See Me Be is a simple, reliable and practical solution for women on the go. Users have their cell phone, lip gloss and mirror in a single unit that fits in a pocket or is easy to keep in hand.

Your Makeup and Mirror are Now Mobile